Have more time for real important things

  • Do you love writing personal notes (Post-Its) and todo lists?
  • Are these hanging around on different places (and not always easy to find)?
  • Do you need help in managing your private and business tasks - indipendent of your location?
  • Do you like to distribute your work without loosing the focus on who made what at which time?
  • Should this also work in your teams?

Stickie~Box can help you to organize yourself and others better. Like:  “Stickies in the Box - We will make it work!“

Type and extend is determinated by yourself

Stickie~Box supports the accomplishment of all types of tasks.

Before Stickie~Box was Stickie~Flow (= connects and adapts known agile methods. Universal, customizable and for every type of collaboration)

Both Stickie~Flow and Stickie~Box will change, depending on the requirements and findings from the daily application with the aim of becoming better. In the spirit of the PDCA-cycle.