Different funktions supporting


Stickie~Board core component

The Stickie~Board consists of several columns. If the default setting is not sufficient, the Stickie board can be freely configured for each box. Stickies are assigned according to their status (like on a whiteboard).

If a Stickie for example is in the "in progress" column, it can be dragged and dropped to the "done" column. . But only if it's really done 😀.

The status is updated accordingly in the Stickie.

The display can be adjusted individually via the filter function.


Stickies are the base

In the system, all required information is created as Stickies in the same way as on paper notes.
Depending on requirements, the entry mask can be extended or minimized by additional fields.
With the provided functions of Stickie~Box the Stickies are then processed, structured as needed, shared and finished.
There's a search function for all the data.
It is often beneficial to know how much effort are caused by certain activities, who is currently working on a task or has done it. Not only in the professional environment!


The calendar as support

In calendar view you can easily see due tasks
- for today,
- for the actual week,
- or in this month.

Symbols are used to visualize the beginning and the end of a Stickie. If Stickies are processed cyclically (agile), this information is also visible.

You can work with Stickies from this view also.


List view with all the details and filtering

In this illustration, all stickies are arranged in list form.

Using powerful filters and configuration options, individual queries can be created and stored.
Those who do not want to deal with it simply use the default settings.

Using the context menu (eg right mouse button), stickies can also be edited "simultaneously". This feature can be helpful when work has been completed and multiple stickies are affected. For example, the completion date can be entered in one step to save time.


The Gantt Activity Tracking Diagram

Gantt charts are an effective way to show activities in a timely manner.

A bar chart shows the planned and completed activities of a project.

The length of the bars indicates the duration.

Status and progress is visible.

If milestones are defined, they are displayed here.

If dependencies between Stickies (activities) are defined, there are also visualized.

You can customize these view to your indiviual style.


Agile work with the help of cycles

Stickies can also be assigned to a „run“ (= phase, milestone) . In it, your grouping Stickies which,
- should be processed in a certain period of time and
- possibly finished in these cycle.

The bundle and it's grade of completion is listed here.

In agile methods cyclic work execution is elementary. The method Stickie~Flow uses the term „Run“ for cycles. A „Run“ describes the period between two planning phases. The task package for the defined period of time is compiled in our own team planning meetings.